29 October 2009

Kandy Karma

Had this other silly theory about why certain holidays cause giddiness leading into them.  The waning days before All Souls Eve is one of the best as a kid... and here we are.  It still goes on.  Easter and Christmas are two others laden with sweets.

I think it's sugar.  Get all healthy like on me and say how bad it is, but when you've got free candy - loads of chocolate - being distributed everywhere for a week - it has to be in the system.  Walking around campus I'd say easily half of the backpacks have a few candy bars in them.  Look in the trash can in any classroom and there's candy wrappers in them!

So my thought is that such a large percentage of people are feeling good because of our chocolate and other candy intake.  If you feel good, then you share that with your neighbor, and so on....

It'll last until about Tuesday or Wednesday of next week, and then there will a huge sugar crash.  Look out world!  I'm thinking to save some of my free candy and continue to spread it around a little....

Up early doing my review deal - Have a regularly scheduled test today and there was a hint of a quiz in one class on Tuesday.  If you couldn't tell - Ima test lover - hope you have summa your own fun today, too!


  1. that's a pretty good theory! I just wish I could eat candy all year round and not get fat lol

  2. Hey there, Adorable...

    Thanks for the affirmation!

    I do, and I don't, at least, not yet, but I'm kinda high energy and usually don't eat enough of anything. If I get on a project, then I'll end up losing some weight - so I need to watch that.

    Thanks so much for coming by regular-like :-)

  3. Soooo true! It's hard to walk past the Halloween candy lurking in my kitchen without digging in :)

  4. My favorite halloween candy ever is the reese's peanut butter cups. I trade one sister all my kit kats for her reese's, and the other sister all of my nestle crunches for her reese's. Halloween is so amazing. I'm finally dressing up this year. This is my first time dressing up in like 3 years. I'm being St. Nick (suits me well lol).

    I definitely had summa my own fun today. Tonight was actually so spectacular that I can't even begin to describe it. I have my horoscope to thank for that lol.

  5. Hey-o Kim...o

    I'm pretty sure something would be wrong if you didn't dig in - haha

    Glad to know you're healthy and normal!

    Chat soon.

  6. Nickster -

    Those are some good trades! LUV(!) Reese's peanut butter cups, too!

    I'm guessing you're teasing me with the indescribably great day - horoscope thing and have me going to your blog to get the details!

    St Nick - ha! - classic.

    Great day tomorrow and Saturday!

  7. What a thought provoking post! I wish I would have read this before I made my post as I think adding your theory would have been good. Enjoy the candy! I love me some sweets, I actually just ate a cupcake for breakfast. :(


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