27 October 2009

Outside is Good

So it came to finding the right place for study after classes and the weather today made the decision easy. It was about 72 and clear blue skies - the South Mall, definitely...

Being able to lie on my back and read then roll over to write down some notes - coughing a little in between each motion - was just perfect. I've been out here for about 3 and a half hours and feel like going up the street to get my tent and stay the night.

After the first hour - had the distinct feeling that I had been here like this before, but I hadn't - not with this perfect temperature anyway.

It hit me when I heard the conversation of some girls a short distance away. They laughed as they practiced their french lessons... The weather, the mood - good but not completely at ease, the feeling that I was living in the right time and things are getting better...

It was a lot like that day this summer when we visited the park around the Eiffel Tower in Paris.  It was sunny, but not hot - about 72 degrees and perfect.

So I looked around - yes, there were the vendors over there selling treats (and eggrolls), lots of useless birds, some people throwing frisbees, a few couples enjoying each others..., laughing, living. What a nice day made even better with a little imagination.


  1. We had a nice day like that up here last week. It's so refreshing and never ceases to lift my mood.

  2. Nick,

    Yeah... and I suppose that too much crummy weather will bring us all down.... I'm glad that you're all fired up about Halloween, and appreciate your comments here!


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