03 October 2009

Simple Philosophy?

Had another interesting chat with K yesterday afternoon sitting at the end of the west mall whilst being "serenaded" by one of the more omnipresent street preachers.  She's been delighting me over the last few days with snippets of her "simple philosophy" - really just the way she sees some things.  Told her that she'd be talking over the street preacher as I made a little video of him - kinda tickled her - somewhat ironic.  Tell me what you think about what she says here...


  1. yeah...how's about that! They serve pretty good stuff in a soft Pita, too. I'd never heard of them, but they're all over the place > http://www.pitapitusa.com/ < famous-like...

    Thank you so much for comin' on over and leaving a little giggle...

    Xo, Ric

  2. My computer is terrible so I only saw the first 30 seconds. Of the the first 30 seconds of her speech, I agree with. The truth isn't pretty.

  3. Yeah, Nick -

    Like a lotta guys I grew up with my grandmother's words in my ear...'If you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all'. So as I meet folks who are pretty telling it like it is... It's kinda refreshing as long as it's couched properly.

    Thanks for the frequent visits and comments!


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