26 October 2009

This is so not funny

My cough is apparently scary enough that small children would run away at the sound.

Whoever the proctor / librarian was today - asked me to go to the clinic and have them look at me...no bother explaining to him....

I'm able to part traffic from the oncoming pedestrians ambling along in the rain today...

Went back to the apartment to try and study (first time to try that) and emptied the elevator....

Was able to keep it all muffled through my classes and no one kicked me out nor moved further away (was already in the back, right in each class). Once I cleared the classes, it was time to clear the airways. Not sure if the monster contributed to the cough, but now I can't stop it (cough, cough).

Listen to me: do not get this stuff...please do not let yourself get sick. It hurts to take a deep breath, and now I'm feeling a little hurt about the ostracism. Oh, well...at least I like being left alone sometimes.

Other than that noisy issue - it's a regular sloppy, cold, ho-hum sorta Monday where no good smile is returned in kind, tho, I have gotten some crazy looks... Ha!


  1. Drink water, lotsa water. That should loosen things up.

  2. I know EXACTLY how you feel. I was at home sick again, so i luckily didn't have to worry about anyone hearing my dreadful cough. It sucks though.

  3. Oh I know that cough...I had that one time and I know it's kinda embaressing. But what can I do? Water is the best remedy Rick. You should take a lot of it! Now go!


  4. Nick,

    You know those camping water bottles that ride in a holster on your hip - yep, I've been carrying two. Haha...I've been checking out men's rooms that I didn't know existed before... thanks!

  5. Howdy, Alex -

    You know... I didn't think I was coughing an extreme amount until I took the show on the road, and then tried not to cough. It's bad, and doesn't seem like it's going to let up soon. I feel for you, too. Hopefully, you're over the fever if it went there.

    You take care & thanks for coming over!

  6. Hello, AL -

    I'm dreaming of a warm paradise in your neighborhood filled with cool lemonade and other such warm weather beverages. The flower pictures on your blog are looking more beautiful by the day.

    Thank you for stopping by for words and well-wishes!

  7. This is a REALLY cute post! Sorry to say that, but I was literally smiling while reading it!

    I'm a regular flu victim. Whenever the season changes, I'm attacked! And it ends with coughing, severe throat sore which gives me the voice of a 13 year old boy! It's horrible, I know. Though, I try to get a li'l happiness in sickness by singing with that 13 year old boy's voice! It worsens my voice, but still, it's fun! :)

    Get well soon, buddy!

  8. Sorry to hear you're still not 100% Hope you'll be cough free asap!

  9. Too funny, Lopa -

    Having a little fun with your voice! Okay... I'll do that today (stuffy nose and almost permanently hoarse). Fun, fun, fun!

  10. Kim-kim,

    Getting there a little more each day. This moment, not so... Omgosh - I think this cough is permanent! Thanks for the continued well-wishes. As long as the pleasant weather holds I can study outside, and bother nothing but the pidgeons!


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