15 October 2009

Tired and hot

I can tell it's colder outside because the windows are kinda fogging up from the bath I took.  My ears are hot, still have a headache, and so tired.  Good thing is that I don't have much of that - 'I'm behind and can't catch up feeling'- bothering me right now.

It's weird how when you get sick you just feel so poorly that it's hard to imagine what it felt like before.  The prior posts have helped, oddly, to try and remember what I was thinking and feeling when I wrote them.

...and now up again, not so amazing since I've been asleep almost all day long, but still strangely tired.

...and disappointed.  The game on Saturday which I'd anticipated attending is going to be enjoyed by another heartier fan than me.  I knew this yesterday as the reality of this stuff set in - so I just gave my two tickets away without so much as a hint of emotion.  Hoping to be improving and able to watch on TV because it should be a good game.

102 on the funny ear clicking thermometer...even music is kind of unpleasant - how could that be?  How could I let myself get sick?  Oh, gosh... I hope that I don't infect anyone else.


  1. Ack! Sounds like you have the flu! I hope you feel better soon. Rest and drink lots of fluids! I mean LOTS of fluids. If your fever doesn't go down, you might want to go to the doctor or a medi-center (if you haven't already) and get on some meds :)

    Let us know how you're doing...

  2. Thank you everyone -

    I'm at home this morning. Resting and being looked after. Thank you so much for everyone's concern.


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