05 October 2009

Uck, uck, uck...

People were largely barefooted in the mud and they said it was curiously slippery.  The grass was still under the layer of mud (odd) and somehow the mud seemed to come right up through the roots somehow.  Someone told me this morning why the mud smelled so bad yesterday...  So, so happy (as usual) that I didn't grow up as a geophagist! 


  1. Mud is pretty fun. The feeling of the moist dirt squishing between your toes feels amazing.

  2. I TOTTALLLLLLYYY would've said what Nick said, if he hadn't already!

  3. Hey, Nick!

    Mud in the toes, sand in the toes, hot water on the toes... think I see a pleasure pattern here... I especially like it when I can wash it off, but the mud at the festival was there if you got it on you. Look at the tags on this post... uck.

  4. Hi Disguise -

    You're prolly too much fun for most... I'm glad you're here from time to time. Needed a smile >right now< thanks!


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