04 November 2009

Do You Ever Feel Like Popeye?


  1. Definitely. There are times when I wanna walk down the street and sing. I've had amazing days where I did actually just break out into song.

  2. Nickster...

    Bet you have...like right now with the Yankees leading 7-3 at the stretch...

    Chat soon!

  3. I love vintage cartoons. They're so much fun. Bugs Bunny is probably my fave. Popeye is cool too though. It cracks me up with the spanich thing...basically telling kids, "Hey if you eat your spinach you'll get big and strong like Popeye". Hah...never fooled me.

  4. Hey...

    Thanks, Amy-girl!

    Cartoons are a big part of my life - I just love to smile and laugh. My dad was always one of those spinach recommending funny people. I was in such a great mood this morning and felt a lot like I thought Popeye was here - going to see his girl...sometime soon...

    Hope to see you back here again - love your blog!

  5. Usually after three of four drinks I feel like him. HaHa! I forgot all about Popeye - thanks for bringing back the memory.

  6. JENNI!! again...

    You boisterous drinker, you... Really enjoy your blog and the tweets over the last several days have me smiling.

    Thanks, Popeye, for stopping by and making some comment!


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