03 November 2009

Slept Like a Baby

So when I woke from a really, really good sleep filled with wonderful dreams the Hunter's Moon was still out there - could've hunted all night, I suppose.

Up reading some news for the first time in a while - ugh... doesn't look like I missed much.  Happy to see the Phillies putting up a fight (NYY lead series 3-2).  Not really much of a Phillies fan, though, and just pulling for an underdog here.

Have a test again today, and I'm a little jittery about it - odd, because I'm almost over-studied.  Ok, okay... gonna do it.  It's been over 3 weeks since I ran, fully ran and need to do it.  That oughta knock the jitters clean out, too.  Okay... maybe I'll come back later and add to this post because there's not much here so far....

Back... might've done extremely well on the test.  Cannot think of a single thing missed and the post-test review had me wondering.

Trying to figure out whether or not my absentee ballot had any bearing on the un-dramatic outcome of 11 state constitutional amendments and a random school board district position.  There have been some good results in other places, though.  That should make for some good news reading in the morning, perhaps.

What an excellent day - Rare, indeed, from start to finish.  Prayers tonight may include a little something for another day like this one if I'm allowed to be so specific.  Thank you!


  1. I'm rather sad to see the Phillies putting up a fight. I've been rooting for New York (naturally) since this started. I'm hoping they win tomorrow so we can get our parade.

  2. Annhh, Nick -

    We agree to disagree... The Texas Rangers have battled the Yankees (and mostly lost) alla my life.

    Thanks for letting us know! You've prolly had enough parades - ha!


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