09 November 2009


Not sure I've ever really believed that all things happen for an explainable reason, but at the same time I don't believe that anything is completely random, either. Parts of those beliefs fly in the face of physics as we know it...
I do look for trending...everywhere. My sleeping trend seems to be moving toward everyone's death. I'm quite tired of it now and even postpone getting into bed for fear of witnessing who's going next.... Last night she was another unknown who seemed to be an acquaintance - maybe someone from one of my classes.

No one seems to die horribly as if suffering from a tragic accident or attack - so I guess that I have that not so bad thing going.... Real life tidbits show up memorably from last night that have me wondering about this poor person. I'm not responsible for what takes them away - but every time there's the sense that a conundrum besets me and the solution to save her is within me. I'm vexed again, and she's lost.
I've got to do better - I've got to get something clearly right - I've got to sleep and wake with every one of us making it through the night....


  1. Was that a bad dream or something alike? Praying might help to bring some inner peace.

    I don't rather believe that everything happens randomly. There are many cause and effect relationships in the occurrence of events.

  2. Hi Lopa -

    (keeping my hopes alive) - haven't had a bad dream since this post. I'm not sleeping as much, but, at least, I'm not waking with the memory of something terrible having happened.

    I do pray nightly and it does help :-)

    Thank you for being a friend!


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