06 November 2009

The Weekend Approach-eth...


  1. Here comes the sun and I say...it's alright!


  2. Easily the best Beatles song ever

  3. Hi...AL -

    I guess that things in the sky just do me good. As much as the moon and stars are in wonderful, quiet bliss - the sun always commands my waking attention! Soon we'll be missing much of it's warmth here and already missing that part of it.

    Good to read you, as always!

  4. Nicky -

    I'll prolly always have a hard time choosing my fave Beatles song, but this is definitely in my top 5. It's loving and tender, poetic, melodic and always meaningful to me. I'm glad that you like it, too! Timeless, it is.

  5. Thanks for the reply. Nothing wrong with Business Majors, I did Music Business so i'm really not adding to society in any constructive manner.

    God I love The Beatles (then again, who doesn't), A Day In The Life, Here Comes The Sun & Help are probably up there in my list of favs. Here Come The Sun probably because George wrote it and he's always been my favourite.


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