02 November 2009

Woo-hoo... It's a full moon tonight!

Stepped out of the library a short while ago and it was dark....  It capped an interesting day, I was thinking, that the full moon peeked in between the live oaks  and ash all around campus.  Not sure that I've been happier to see the fullness and brightness of the moon on Monday night.  Have you seen the moon tonight?  It's the same one that I just saw.  It wasn't like a normal Monday, and it was good!!  The sugariness in my body has been slowly dissipating and have been wondering if reality is soon to follow.  Maybe soon, but not today - not tonight!

You know how I feel?  Do you?  I feel like a puppy with her ears flapping and hair streaming in the wind as she points her nose forward - that's a pretty good feeling don't ya think?  How do you get that feeling?  It's simple things, right?  Just a very small amount of well-timed external stimuli, maybe....


  1. Oh yes Sir! I saw it last night and it was spectacular!


  2. ...and then tonight, A.L., it seemed even bigger and was kinda orange. Beautiful! Wish that I'd had a nice camera like yours - someday, maybe when I can put it to good use more often. Glad you're here!

  3. That was a great moon the other night, wasn't it?

    Just thought I'd pop in and say hi :) Just saw on your Twitter feed--you're going camping? Good for you! Bring us back some pics...

    Kim :)

  4. Howdy, Kimmers -

    That moon was oddly fascinating for me. Musta taken 50 pics! Really want to do one of those time lapse photographs some time soon.

    You've been busy and very (even 4 u) productive with your Examiner writings - so thanks for stopping by and commenting!

    I did take a few pics from this weekend and posted some nature-like ones. I'm sure that you've found them already - haha.

    Chat soon, okay?


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