19 January 2010

Is It Spring, Yet?

So... to celebrate the first day of our spring semester... I skipped my 3 classes....

Actually, I'd already contacted each of my professors and asked them to make their class challenging because I intended to challenge them... and then I skipped.

Nice, huh?

And so it begins.  Where are you, friend?
Follow up: was introduced on Wednesday by my Psych professor as the one to beat...or study with... Nice!


  1. Not yet you have to wait LOL! How are you?


  2. Haha...

    Winters in Texas are pretty short. It was 72F today and makes you wonder if it's over already. People were wearing shorts today...

    Had to go to the salon today to get the burnt orange dye out of my hair - weird day altogether.

    Doing well, tho.... How are you, AL?

    Chat soon.

  3. Ahaha. I like challenging classes when it comes to thinking and getting out of your comfort zone. But I HATE classes that require a ton of useless work and impossible tests. I always learn less when cramming things in my brain for the sake of spitting it up for a test.. only to forget it the next day.

    And yes, Is it Spring yet?

  4. Haha, Court -

    The straight flash memory for tests is about useless. Was kinda forcing my full commitment to the classes regardless of what they decided, too.

    The weather today is even better, isn't it? So tempted to wander right past the library after class..., but I won't. Weekend's almost here!

    Thanks for your comments, always!


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