04 January 2010

Need To Focus

Thinking the spring semester can't start soon enough 'cuz I'm all over. Do you wonder about any of these things or say them to yourself?

What's my ideal amount of sleep?
Think I love Corvettes.
Hydro...Wave power is the ticket!
Ooohh...she's extremely attractive.
25,000 miles per hour is not slow.
Why do I love green...and blue?
Think I was just driving too fast.
Jiji- and thus I was transformed...
Thank you!
I wanna ski...at the Olympics...
Good dog...
That's an unattractive design.
Maybe it's better inside.
Lovely shape :-)
Dibble, dibble, dopp...
So tired...good pain, tho...
Need to take more pictures
Need to finish that painting, too
Those branches need trimming.
Ha! She did-not-just-say-that...
These pants don't fit right
Why did that happen?
She loves me...or does she?
Origami for a friend...
Should I go ahead and get a new computer?
When's my next trip? Where?
Where's the proof that I'm sane?
Why do batteries cost so much?
Need more hugs, I think.
Was he really trying to be mean?
Why are Mondays so different?
Pause... *prays*
How do we capture more of the Sun's power?
What do I want to be?
Is it important that I earn a lot?
Can a job be enjoyable?
Gotta listen to more music.
Return his call
I could clean that up right now.
Need to go camping...NAO!
Nope...she doesn't love me.
Would our cat eat me, if he could?
Need another looooong shower...
How soon before I realize winter is ending?
Does she even care?
I've GOT to stop doing that!
Need to be more efficient.
Do I tell her everything, or just enough?
How long will I live?
Will I do something universally good...ever?


  1. I think about nearly all of these things and can go on a lengthy discussion about them. I don't have the time to type all of that though and I don't wanna take up all of the space on your comment wall lol.

  2. That was awesome. Seriously. You captured stream of conscious perfectly!

  3. What's my ideal amount of sleep? that's the thing i think about constantly..
    apparently people that are content with their sleep and the amount of hours and quality never really think about sleep.
    thanks so much for all the lovely comments :)


  4. That looks like what happens to my brain when I try to go to sleep at night...

    BTW: I'm back, well for now anyways... hopefully, I'll keep posting a little more regularly this time around...

    Talk to you soon,


  5. Hey, Nick -

    Yeah... I prolly stole most of 'em from your blog - hahaha.

    Thanks for the comment!

  6. Hello, again, Marissaaaaah -

    Thanks for taking a slice of out of your adventures to venture by here. Your stuff is so exciting!!

  7. Howdy, Michelle!

    So... you're saying that I'm aware that I don't get enough sleep...and maybe do something about it, right? That's one of my New Years Resolutions! Good guess.

    Thanks for your frequent visits & comments - hope the fun is going well down under!!

  8. Hey, Nil-girl -

    Glad you liked that! Your writing is smooth and pleasant, so I value your critique :-)

    Thank you for coming by again and your comment!

    Chat soon!

  9. Hi Di...

    Yep. Need to talk some more...

    Thankies for leaving your comment :-)


  10. Hai, KimKim -

    Thank you so much for coming back!!

    Yeah...my mind...rambles around sometimes. From what I gather with your blog posts...this may not stop soon for me. I love your posts!


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