11 February 2010

Blogging by the fire

And in the dark, except for the flickering candles.

The last few weeks passed quickly, without a plan, and without incident.

The spring semester kinda started with a shudder and my emboldened stunt to force myself into preparing for classes seems to be working. You see...there was a moment there when I didn't care.

Three tests this week, a paper turned in and a pop quiz went well enough that I was comfortable skipping whatever the classes tomorrow will hold. It had been raining in Austin and snowing in Dallas since about midnight. Everything was a little dreary today and it was easy to convince Gia that we were not leaving much on campus if we boogied out early for the long weekend to meet my family and others in Dallas.

Believe me when I say that it doesn't snow much in Texas. So it was surreal to hear on the radio that we were driving into the largest single day snowfall in Dallas history with totals of a foot expected by midnight in some parts. Of course that's not anywhere near the 3 feet already on the ground in Pennsylvania or the 2 feet in Illinois, Michigan... It is enough, though, to shut down a southern city and drive the population to anything with an incline - to slide like a child.

We all had some great fun with an epic snowfight replete with snowforts built for protection, snowmen at the guard, hundreds of snowballs in each arsenal and hot chocolate afterward until one couldn't drink anymore.

Our snowgear hadn't been used much this season having foregone a trip to any ski resort, yet... It's all hanging on the back porch drying close to one of the warm chimneys in which were busy burning all of the firewood that I busily cut and stacked when it was warmer.

And now it's quiet except for the girls talking softly in another room - the power went out earlier - and I've built a mighty fine fire in the main fireplace. I'm comfortable now, and feeling that it should be a very good 4 days away from school.



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